If you change nothing, nothing will change.

Why We Aren’t Doing What We Should Be Doing . . . and What To Do About That.

April 4, 2022

I know this guy who buys other people’s businesses.

He tells me that 90% of the time, the sellers know exactly what needs to change in their business to make them better. He knows this because they plainly tell him.

Now even though these sellers know what would make their business more successful and therefore much more valuable, none of them have done it and (get this) they aren’t planning to.

Seems crazy, right? But hold that thought! Because most of us are exactly like those sellers when it comes to ourselves and our lives.

We all know, if we are honest with ourselves, what aspects of our lives and personalities are working and which parts need fixing or improvement. We know (for instance) what would be better if we did more of it and what would be better if we did it less. We know this because anyone who’s lived long enough has received more than ample feedback, for better and worse, to know.

So, if most businesspeople know exactly what changes they should make in their businesses, but don’t make them; and most individuals know what changes they should make in their lives, but don’t make those, WHY is that? And (more importantly) WHAT can be done to change it?

The “why” part is a bit complicated. But mostly it’s due to fear. Fear of failure, fear of hurt, fear of ridicule. Life is hard. And who among us hasn’t stumbled from time to time and been bruised or humiliated? And yes, that surely did sting.

That’s why even when we are pretty sure we know better, there are negative voices in our head talking us out of things saying, “No!” and “Don’t you dare!”

And so even though our current situation may be less than good or even painful, most of us will live with a pain we know, versus doing something that could make things better, if there’s even a remote chance that things could get worse.

Our fear, even when unfounded and irrational, prevents our growth and progress. To achieve growth, to make much of any progress in life at all, we must overcome the negative voices in our lives and minds.

How do we do that? We do it by taking baby steps in the proper direction.

What is it, that YOU want or need to improve in YOUR life?

Take a small step in that direction today. Nothing major. Just do a little something.

Then, tomorrow, take another step.

On the third day, don’t do anything new at all. Maybe just go get yourself a treat. A candy bar from the downstairs office kitchen! I love those!!

Then, on the fourth day, take another small step.

How’s it going so far? Good? Good!

Now don’t make a big deal out of this; don’t post anything online or make any big announcements; but your life is now heading in the right direction. You are silencing negativity and overcoming fear through movement. Stick with this! You’ll be amazed what you can accomplish.