The Power of Education

AD Education Center

Independents are known for their knowledgeable sales force and we make it easy to keep your teams up to date. Training is customized for each of our divisions, from online reward-based training in the Electrical, Plumbing, PVF and HVAC divisions, to the weekly MROP webinar series of the Industrial & Safety Division, to the monthly supplier trainings offered by the Gypsum Supply Division and the most recent addition to AD our new in person industry training offered by our Bearings & Power Transmission Division.

Online Training

The AD Education Center online rewards AD member’s employees for completing courses by earning points which can be redeemed for prizes.

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In Person Training

In Indiana, AD Bearings & Power Transmission hosts in-person trainings via the AD Education Center with a goal to provide a comprehensive educational platform for the industrial distribution industry, fostering professional and organizational development. Courses include, Bearings Principles, Bulk Material Handling, Motor & Controls and Power Transmission Principles.

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