Your bottom line is our top priority.


As part of a $75 billion network, you’ll benefit from increased buying power, innovative programs, robust financial controls, and the industry’s only 100% supplier rebate return.

  • Bill Hanes, President, Hanes Supply, Inc.
  • Where would some of these companies be without the rebate revenue to reinvest in their companies? To reinvest in employee retention, new vehicles, new computer systems ... The distribution business is a competitive business. You trade dollars to make pennies. That's really the essence of it, and how can you run your business better? Join the best marketing group in the world: AD.

    Bill Hanes, President, Hanes Supply, Inc. Member since 2007

100% Supplier Rebate Returns

AD is the only buying/marketing group in North America who returns 100% of supplier rebates. We do this by tightly controlling our costs and by making conservative investments, which cover all of our operating costs.


Rebate Negotiation

With over $75 billion in annual sales, our organization also has immense buying power, allowing us to negotiate higher rebates than our members could hope to obtain on their own. In addition to individual company rebates, we also negotiate group incentives and exclusive promotions. Our best-in-class suppliers know that every dollar they invest in AD members drives sales and success.


Rebate Management

The AD accounting team is dedicated to tracking and reporting your rebates. From the largest supplier to the smallest, we take a complex and time-consuming task and make it painless, transparent and easy for our members.


Robust Financial Controls

AD annually undergoes a third party independent audit by a Big-4 audit firm overseen by the AD LLC Board Audit Committee. Our Board has complete transparency in our financial results and investment management. Our professional financial and accounting associates ensure every dollar is spent efficiently.