Together, We Help.

Disaster Relief

When disaster strikes one of us, we hurt together. Through the AD Disaster Relief Foundation, we help together.

The AD Disaster Relief Foundation, established in 2017, is a 501(c)(3) entity that enables the AD community to support one another when disasters strike. Donors are able to give both monetary support and in-kind donations (i.e., building materials, generators, cleaning supplies, etc.). The AD Disaster Relief Foundation will support individuals from AD member or supplier companies with costs resulting from a natural disaster.


Here’s what the AD community can do when disaster impacts our members and suppliers.

Apply for Grants

Individuals from AD member or supplier companies in impacted communities are eligible to apply for grants from the AD Disaster Relief Foundation. Employees can apply for grants for themselves, for their employees and co-workers or for people in their community.

Look for Updates from AD

Once grants are accepted, AD anonymously publishes the urgent need for support on AD leaders will reach out to the AD community about the disaster, the need for help and how to help.

Help the AD Community

Each person in the AD community is encouraged to help their peers in crisis. Every little bit helps, and those providing monetary support can receive tax deductions for their contributions. Checks and/or in-kind donations are sent directly to individuals or to an AD member or supplier delegate who will deliver the check and/or products.