Van Meter Celebrates 95 Years in Electrical Distribution

April 21, 2023

CEDAR RAPIDS, IOWA – (April 4, 2023) – Van Meter Inc., an award-winning electrical distributor and nationally recognized Top Workplace, is celebrating 95 years of business in 2023.

Founded in 1928 by R.L. Van Meter and R.W. Lemley, Van Meter has grown from a single location in Cedar Rapids to 25 locations across eight states with over 800 employee-owners.

Kathy Etscheidt, a Van Meter employee-owner since 1959, remembers Van Meter’s original company motto:“Service is our first thought.” While many things have changed, the company’s commitment to serving its customers and its community has not.

“I am proud of Van Meter’s continued integrity and service to our customers,” said Etscheidt. “I am grateful that while some companies have had to sell or merge, we have been able to keep the Van Meter name for all these years.”

How does a company remain successful for 95 years? According to Van Meter’s President and CEO, Lura McBride, it takes a commitment to creating lasting value for those they serve and a company culture where everyone is empowered to be their personal best.

“By living our values – People, Partners, Progress, Place and Profit – we have created a workplace and company culture where all-in employee-owners have a stake in the outcome,” said McBride.“When our people are engaged in our success, we can create an exceptional customer experience together.”

In addition to providing a great customer and employee-owner experience, Van Meter has a long legacy of giving back to its communities.

“Our communities know they can count on us to make a difference. We are proud to power the people who powerus,” said McBride.

While Van Meter’s commitment to serving its customers and community has stayed the same, a lot has changed over 95 years. How have computers, cell phones, internet and new services changed the workplace? Read about the biggest workplace changes for three employee-owners with over 95 years of combined experience and how embracing change has helped Van Meter stand the test of time.