The Distributor's eCommerce Imperative

The Distributor's eCommerce Imperative

May 11, 2020

AD’s VP of eCommerce Solutions shares some ways members are responding to changes in a COVID-19 market. This article also appears on LinkedIn.

AD’s members and suppliers are today’s essential businesses. They are inspiring in their ability to adapt to the current economic times. I recently had the pleasure of hosting a virtual breakfast with a few AD members who participate in our eContent Services. I wanted to share three ways they are responding to the changes in the market.

1. Encouraging an influx of new registrations – AD member’s sales team are guiding end customers to sign up for accounts on their eCommerce sites. These new accounts enable them to see their custom pricing, inventory availability, past orders, invoices, quick lists, etc. The registered account experience is customized for the end buyer.

2. Serving internal staff and end customers through video training –Internal staff trainings provide examples of how to upload files, how to save a quote … enabling skills training on effective site usage. The optimal time for these types of training videos tend to be 10-15 minutes. End customers are also engaged with video to gain the skills and grow their technical knowledge.

3. Expanding customer communication channels: From onsite live chat to texting, AD eCommerce members are using these new communication vehicles both internal and externally. They are communicating broadcast messaging, inventory availability, and even supply chain disruptions.

Distributors with digital at the core of their operational experience are able to respond rapidly to changes in the market. AD is part of an ecosystem connecting members and suppliers, serving thousands of end-customers. We enable you to craft great digital experiences and are committed to help where we can. AD members will come back stronger.