Encore Wire - AD Electrical Member Success Story

State Electric Supply Co., Vincent Angel Inc. and Encore Wire Collaborate in Delivering Excellence

June 6, 2024

The dynamic partnership of State Electric Supply Co., Vincent Angel Inc., and Encore Wire can be seen through a proven power of collaboration and mutual accomplishment. These three channel partners work together to provide contractors with the resources and reliable service necessary to thrive in the marketplace – so they can facilitate end-user wins with timely project completions.


Matthew Edwards, Outside Sales at State Electric Supply Co. shares, “It has become cliché to talk about service and dependability in our industry - from the mission statements we see, to the lingo we use in our day-to-day with customers and clients. The past few years have given the opportunity to make these statements become reality as various manufacturers throughout the industry have been crippled by supply chain and over-commitment."

Matthew continues, "Encore Wire and Vincent Angel have outshined, not only continuing the partnership model as they hit their ship dates, but they also don’t allow themselves to get overextended picking up the inability of their competition. We have the confidence when we give our customers a ship date with Encore Wire because we know we are going to meet or exceed those expectations.”

With Encore Wire's broad breadth of products, high fill rates, and excellent service levels coupled with the support of local representative, Vincent Angel Inc., State Electric Supply Co. is well positioned to serve large-scale projects. Matthew explained that there’s an expanded use of aluminum tray cable in their market and describes that demanding project schedules require material to be onsite in a timely manner. He reiterates, “Our partnership and the confidence of our customers to hit ship dates on special-make construction cable allow us to secure the orders.” Additionally, Matthew credits communication between Vincent Angel and Encore Wire as being key for the team’s mutual success.

Matthew shared that a few associates from State Electric Supply Co. visited the Encore Wire campus noting that this is a great “people company." As State Electric Supply Co. navigates the industry, he keeps in mind that, “We are working with people who care to give you their word and stand behind it.”


Both State Electric Supply Co. and Encore Wire are members of AD, representing AD’s tagline “Together, We Win."

The collaborative team approach helps bolster the overall capabilities for serving the market and provides strength and resilience necessary for success. Additionally, the reputation of Encore Wire’s quick shipping times and deep inventory levels provide trust that material for large projects will be received on time. State Electric Supply Co. knows with confidence that when they give their customers a ship date, Encore Wire will meet those expectations.