TAG Logistics

It’s all about the process…

August 15, 2017

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How many calls and emails do you get a week promising cheaper freight rates? How can each company save you even more money? The days of significant savings by solely negotiating lower freight rates are gone for most companies. Everything is automated by carriers and they are not going to deliver freight for free, therefore if delivering your freight doesn’t operate well for them it is very unlikely you will get them fighting over your business.

The biggest opportunity today is more about the PROCESS. Are you controlling your inbound freight or is the supplier? Are you effectively passing on the freight charges to your customers or are you eating the cost of the freight on your own? Are you keeping track of it all?

We have developed a Net Freight Process that addresses the key areas of freight cost. Our customers have experienced annual savings ranging from 25% to over 50% of net freight costs.

This process is simple and it works. Feel free to reach out and discuss. Let us tell you about some of our success stories, and hopefully, yours will be next.