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Over 20 Years of Growing Stronger

Our operations in Canada began over 20 years ago and today represents over 20% of our volume. AD continues to grow through successful mergers and an ever-expanding network of independent distributors and best-in-class supplier partners.

All of our members are Canadian owned and operated. They are local market leaders with a passion for growing their businesses through entrepreneurial thinking and strong service. As we’ve grown together, so has our ability to create efficiencies and invest in the people and the programs that drive growth and profitability.

Every AD Canada member and supplier has a real voice in our operations. Through their AD Canada Divisional Boards, they oversee local operations and control all programmatic decisions. And our dedicated local associates are passionate about ensuring the success of our members and suppliers in their home country.

As we look to the future, we believe that AD is uniquely positioned to help independents and suppliers across Canada grow and prosper in an age of increasing consolidation, globalization and channel convergence. We look forward to continuing to grow stronger, together.

AD Canada Plumbing & Heating


Growing Together 

The best way to grow any business is to build a great team and work with great companies. AD Canada Plumbing & Heating is made up of market-leading distributors and suppliers who are dedicated to working together in the pursuit of excellence, growth and prosperity.

AD Canada has the programs, procedures and people needed to accelerate your growth, increase your profitability, and deliver vital insights and innovative ideas that move your business forward.

AD Warehousing

AD’s 40,000-square-foot warehouse location in Mississauga, ON is available to all Canadian AD divisions.
Learn more here: Distributor Warehousing | Supplier Warehousing

Meet the AD Canada Plumbing & Heating Team

AD Canada Plumbing & Heating is managed by a dedicated staff that follows the direction of our members and suppliers through a highly representative committee structure.

  • Jeffrey Beall View Bio
    Jeffrey Beall
    PHCP Business Unit
  • Emily DeCosta View Bio
    Emily DeCosta
    Marketing Manager
    PHCP Business Unit
  • Stephanie McAllister View Bio
    Stephanie McAllister
    Supplier Program Analyst
    PHCP Business Unit
  • Lisa Casey View Bio
    Lisa Casey
    Meetings and Services
    PHCP Business Unit
  • Nicolas Rocha View Bio
    Nicolas Rocha
    Business Development Analyst

AD Canada Plumbing & Heating Divisional Board of Directors

The AD Canada Plumbing & Heating Divisional Board sets divisional strategy and reviews and approves divisional programs, new members and new manufacturers. The Board is composed of representatives from each AD Canada Plumbing & Heating network.


Eric Findlay
Canada Plumbing & Heating
Martin Deschênes
Vice Chairman of the Board
Canada Plumbing & Heating
Francois Deschênes
President & CEO
Groupe Deschênes Inc.
Steve Drummond
Source Atlantic
James Ivany
President & General Manager
James G. Crawford
Peter Malo
Neil McDougall
The Master Group
Dan Miller
VP Purchasing
Andrew Sheret Purchasing Ltd.
Shea Robinson
B. A. Robinson Co. Ltd.
Duncan Stacey
President & CEO
Howell Pipe & Supply
Robin Todd
Marks Supply
Joe Virone
Central Plumbing
Robert Whitty
CEO & President
Bartle & Gibson
Glenn Wig
Aquifer Distribution
Brian Williams
General Manager
Smith Stockley