The 2022 AD Industrial & Safety – U.S. North American Meeting unites owner/members and suppliers with record-breaking attendance

December 1, 2022

Aurora, Colo. – From October 23 to 26, AD hosted its 2022 Industrial & Safety – U.S. North American Meeting with record-breaking attendance from member and supplier companies. The meeting gave the AD community an opportunity to network, collaborate and share industry insights.

The theme for the Industrial & Safety – U.S. North American Meeting and AD’s 2022-2023 meeting season is “What’s Next” – a call for AD members and supplier partners to embrace new ideas and anticipate the future of their companies. The theme served as a significant backdrop to the meeting’s agenda, guiding the focus of the meeting sessions toward partnership and innovation for the future.

Another strong year for AD Industrial & Safety – U.S.

During the Member Business Meeting, divisional leadership shared financial information about how strong owner/members and suppliers have performed in 2022. AD Industrial & Safety – U.S. forecasts a 29.8% increase in member sales in 2022.

“When we come together to share ideas and discuss our businesses, we set ourselves up to become more efficient and increase business together,” said Mike Carr, President, Industrial & Safety Divisions – U.S. “Our owner/members and suppliers have achieved great success, and their continued support and leadership, especially as part of our divisional governance, will guide our efforts to provide increased value.”

AD Industrial & Safety – U.S. forecasts a 14.1% increase in member purchases from AD suppliers and 28.8% increase in distributions to division members.

“We’re having another very strong year, and we think the future is even brighter,” said Marisol Fernandez, President, Electrical & Industrial Business Unit. “Our member and supplier communities have worked together and collaborated with us for incredible growth, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for AD.”

Networking sessions bring together industry leaders

The North American Meeting showcased AD’s Women’s Network Group and Next Generation Leaders Network Group with receptions for attendees to connect with current and future industry leaders and discuss professional advancement.

At the Women’s Network Group reception, Kathleen Durbin, CEO for General Industrial Tool & Supply, discussed her passion for helping women advance in their careers and shared her personal experiences in the industrial business.

The Next Generation Leaders Network Group reception featured Connor Stallings, Executive Vice President from P&I Supply, who shared insights as a leader in a second- and third-generation family owned and operated business. The reception gathered new and experienced leaders together to learn from each other and address the future needs of their businesses.

AD also hosted a First Time Attendee Welcome Reception, providing members, suppliers and individuals who are new to AD’s meetings the opportunity to connect with AD leaders and network with industry peers.

Owner/members and suppliers collaborate for growth

AD Industrial & Safety – U.S. members and suppliers participated in structured booth appointments designed for companies to discuss new business relationships, strengthen existing relationships, and grow their companies together. Network meetings also provide a space for members to share best practices in a non-competing environment for the AD community to solve problems together.

Top AD supplier sponsors held strategic partner briefings to share with members how together they can increase business and form meaningful partnerships. 12 suppliers presented market trends, growth projections, new market and segment opportunities, and available resources for sales conversions.

During his keynote address, AD Chairman and CEO Bill Weisberg spoke about the power of independent distributors and top-tier suppliers when they come together for common goals.

“Our industry and the independent model of our businesses rely on strong relationships,” said Weisberg. “We understand that success comes from more than just meeting our financial goals; our success comes from carrying on the legacies of our businesses to best support our customers, employees, and communities.”