AD Electrical members earn awards for successes in collaboration and partnership

June 20, 2023

Nashville, TN – At the 2023 AD Electrical Spring Network Meeting, the U.S. and Canada divisions celebrated member success and recognized member companies that achieved significant growth.

Marisol Fernandez, President, AD Electrical & Industrial Business Unit, and Rob Dewar, President, AD Canada, kicked off the ceremony with the launch of the AD Centennial Club, celebrating member companies with 100-plus years of service to their customers and community. 30 Electrical members in the U.S. and Canada received Centennial Club honors, including Dakota Supply Group celebrating their 125th anniversary in 2023, along with Agilix Solutions, Barr-Thorp Electric, Fromm Electric Supply, and Turtle celebrating their 100th anniversary this year.

“Every AD member is unique and special in many ways,” said Dewar. “Our members’ unique histories and heritages have taught them that building relationships that last is key to building a business that lasts.”

AD’s Member Growth awards celebrate the Electrical members with the largest percentage growth in remittances in 2022. The following members earned 2022 AD Member Growth awards:

2022 Tier 1: U.S. Member of the Year – Hannan Supply Company

2022 Tier 2: U.S. Member of the Year – Eckart LLC

2022 Tier 1: Canada Member of the Year – ROBINSON SUPPLY

2022 Tier 2: Canada Member of the Year – Franklin Empire

AD’s ALL-IN Member of the Year awards recognize members that go above and beyond in their commitment and participation for AD’s initiatives and programs. The winning companies display incredible dedication to AD’s supplier partners to achieve mutual growth and partnership. The following members earned 2022 ALL-IN Member of the Year awards:

2022 U.S. ALL-IN Member of the Year – Locke Supply Co.

2022 Canada ALL-IN Member of the Year – E.B. Horsman & Son

Each year, the Electrical division awards the Conversion Cup to the Network that converts the most business to AD suppliers as part of the Conversion Campaign, AD’s program encouraging members to find opportunities to do more business with AD suppliers. The 2022 Conversion Cup was awarded to Network 804.

“The Conversion Campaign brings our member and suppliers together to achieve mutual growth and explore new business opportunities,” said Karen Baker, President, AD Electrical - U.S. Division. “The program makes a significant impact on our members’ purchases and participation with AD; it’s an incredible tool that creates more value for all involved.”