Iron Sharpens Iron

AD distributors and suppliers are quality, growth-oriented market leaders with a passion to grow their businesses and increase their profitability.

We work hard for your brand

AD programs grow market share, increase brand awareness and better align your company with fast-growing, local market leaders.

We help you grow your business

AD programs increase profitability, accelerate growth and provide innovative ideas from fellow market leaders.

AD Difference
The best independents with the best manufacturers

The best way to grow any business is to build a great team and work with great companies.

AD members are true market leaders, dedicated to the pursuit of excellence and growth. AD suppliers are progressive manufacturers who value independents and invest in their growth and profitability. When truly great companies come together, the result is above market growth and above market profitability.

Every AD member and manufacturer has a real voice in our operations

The AD Board of Directors oversees the finances of the group and is composed of distributor representatives from each AD Division. The AD Plumbing Divisional Board sets divisional strategy and reviews and approves divisional programs, new members, and new manufacturers and is composed of representatives from each AD Plumbing Network.

The Plumbing Division is managed by dedicated staff that follows the direction of our members and manufacturers through a highly representative committee structure.


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