AD Rewards

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AD Rewards Program
We make selling rewarding

The AD Rewards Program is offered to inside and counter sales personnel through your company’s association with Affiliated Distributors. This program offers participants a great way to satisfy customer requests for quality products while earning individual rewards points which are redeemable on-line for valuable merchandise. And not only that, participants also have the opportunity to earn team cash payouts for achieving growth goals with participating AD Reward Program Suppliers.

Individual vs Team
Team and Individual Participation Plans

At the Individual level, participants earn points toward merchandise including iPods, cameras, flat screen TVs, sports equipment, travel rewards, and thousands of other items simply by selling AD Rewards Program Supplier products.

At the Team level, you’ll be a member of a team within your company. By meeting (or exceeding) a 10% growth target over previous year’s participating Supplier sales, your team will qualify for an annual cash bonus payout.

Earning and Redeeming
It’s simple to earn points and redeem them for exciting merchandise

Inside and Counter Sales Participants

Check the list: of participating Suppliers.

Make the Sale: of the participating Supplier’s products.

Earn the Points: which are loaded automatically into your on-line account page.

Get the stuff: and have your merchandise delivered directly to your home.

Earn Double Rewards
Stock up on points with double rewards promotions

AD Rewards participants will have the opportunity to earn DOUBLE points (at a minimum) for all participating Supplier promotions run through the program.