The AD Difference
Welcome to Affiliated Distributors!
Who We Are
Independent and proud of it

Mission: Our Mission is to help Members, Suppliers and Associates grow and prosper. 

We help independent distributors outperform national/international chains.

We help manufacturers build/protect their brands and diversify their channel strategy.

We help our Associates reach their potential and have a great place to work.

Vision: We aspire to be the most valued business relationship of every AD Member and Supplier Partner. 

AD is a dynamic community of independent distributors and manufacturers of construction and industrial products. Our 540+ independently owned members, with 3,598 locations, span seven industries and three countries with collective annual sales in excess of $31 Billion. AD distributors are local market leaders with deep roots in their local communities, great people and strong customer relationships.

The product industries that AD serves include: electrical supplies, industrial supplies, plumbing, PVF, HVAC, drywall and clean energy. The customer markets we serve include: industrial MRO, industrial OEM, commercial construction, residential construction, utilities, retail and government.

What We Do
Accelerating growth for great companies

AD provides leading independent distributors and manufacturers with support and resources that accelerate growth. AD helps quality independents, of all sizes, better compete with national chains. AD helps quality manufacturers build their brands, introduce new products and reduce their reliance on national chains.

AD delivers above market growth and enhanced profitability.

Our Core Values:

  • Serve others
  • Deliver on our promises
  • Make it better


How We Do It
People, programs and services that work for you

AD leverages our group’s collective economics of scale to make collaborative investments in people, programs and technology. We create and administer programs that drive growth, reduce costs and foster long-term marketing partnerships. We facilitate the exchange of community knowledge and best-practices. Some of AD’s programs and services include:

  • Data collection and reporting
  • Rebate negotiations and administration
  • Terms & conditions negotiations
  • Market planning support
  • Logistics
  • Product training support
  • New product introduction support
  • Product promotion support
  • Peer-Peer Networking by functional responsibility
  • Clean Energy sales training
  • Clean Energy products and services support
  • Safety Products sales support
  • Cost-savings on services and non-product purchases
  • National Account sales and contract management**
  • Government Sales support**

**Administrated by AD’s sister company, supplyFORCE.

For more information about our programs and services in each industry please contact us at any time. 

Where market leaders grow

AD is for companies that are market leaders and/or want to become market leaders.

Company size is not a factor. We seek companies run and owned by people with a passion to grow their business, to provide great service to their customers, to attract and retain great people and to be the best company they possibly can. AD would much rather add a second or third member, who meets this criteria, to an already covered market than to add even a single member, who doesn’t meet this criteria, to a market where we have no existing coverage.

We are dedicated exclusively to the cause of independents and manufacturers that support independent distribution.

Culture & Governance
Combining the best elements of a family business and a cooperative

AD understands independents and family businesses because we are one. Now in our second generation of family management, we know what it takes to run a successful independent business. Just like you, we value people, long-term relationships, customer service, integrity and giving back to our local community.

Financially, the company functions exactly like a cooperative. We share expenses; we distribute earnings according to each distributor’s participation; and we retain no earnings.

Operationally, we are managed by staff and governed by our members and manufacturers. The AD Board of Directors oversees the finances of the group and is composed of distributor representatives from each AD Division. The AD Board sets AD’s budget, establishes policy and has fully functioning audit and organizational development committees.

Each AD industry also has a Divisional Board, composed of distributor representatives from that Division. Divisional Boards set divisional strategy and review and approve divisional programs, new members and manufacturers. Most Divisions also have a Manufacturer Advisory Council.


The confidential exchange of best-practices between non-competing companies is an important and valued aspect of AD’s culture. AD Networks provide an effective and organized forum for this activity. Each AD Network has a representative on their Divisional Board.

AD’s governance structure insures that every AD member participates in AD’s decisions and that every AD distributor and manufacturer is respected and valued.



Economies Of Scale
Industry diversity enables quality services and financial controls

Our multi-industry structure enables us to deliver valued services professionally and economically. By spreading our operating costs over seven industries, AD is able to distribute over 99% of the supplier rebates we receive each year.

Unlike single industry groups, our scale also enables us to support a robust controls environment with continuous and overlapping checks and balances involving systems controls, process controls, people controls, human oversight and audit.

Our structure also enables members and suppliers to share best practices across related industries and provides new growth opportunities for interested distributors and manufacturers.

Helping distributors and manufacturers solve problems together

Our industry-specific teams of staff professionals are widely respected and bring real value to our distributors and manufacturers by helping them solve the occasional problem that can’t be resolved on the local level and by opening new doors of opportunity.

AD’s collective size provides an effective platform for problem resolution and improved communication between members and manufacturers.

Giving Back
A joyful responsibility

At AD we are grateful for all of our blessings and we believe Giving Back is a joyful responsibility that not only strengthens our community, but our company as well.

Our distributors and manufacturers share this value; as local and independent companies, they realize the solutions to solve some of our country's biggest problems can be tackled within our communities and by regular people, working to make a difference in the lives of others.